A student is eligible to receive a driver's license when two conditions have been met:

      (1) they have held their permit for a minimum of six months from the date they receive it, and

      (2) they are 16 years old.  


Students MUST have completed both classroom instruction AND in-car instruction. They also must have their completion certificates (DE 964), the 30 hour log and IMPACT certificate in possession, when they take their road test.


The student's DE 964 must be picked up during office hours at the Arrive Alive of Texas Driving Academy's office.  WE DO NOT MAIL THESE DOCUMENTS.  

 ALL individuals will take a driving test either with a Third Party Tester or at DPS and must pass in order to obtain a drivers license.


All adults are required by law to complete a MANDATORY 1 HOUR “Impact Texas Youth Drivers” (ITYD) class.  This class can be found on our RESOURCES page.  STUDENTS MUST NOT TAKE THIS CLASS MORE THAN 90 DAYS BEFORE THEY OBTAIN THEIR DRIVER LICENSE. 

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