Adult drivers between the ages of 18 to 24 can take either the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation certified 32-hour classroom & 14 hour in-car instruction or the 6-hour adult course in order to obtain a drivers license.  Adults 25 or older just need a learner's permit, however, driver education is highly recommended.


If you choose the 32-hour classroom & 14-hour in-car instruction, the written test will be given and if you pass, the results will be recorded on a DE 964 usually after the 3rd day in order for you to get your learner's permit. You would continue through the rest of the course until completion of both classroom & in-car. You also have requirement to log 30 hours of driving with someone who is 21 or over and possesses a driver's license. This course is highly recommended if you have no driving experience.

The Adult Exclusive is a 6-hour classroom course. At the end of the 6 hour instruction, you  will take the written test and if you pass, the results will be recorded on a ADE 1317. After you receive your certificate, you can get your learner's permit or schedule for a road-test with DPS to test for your license. We offer full sessions that include 6 hour classroom and 8 hours in-car instruction. We also offer either classroom only or in-car only. The in-car lessons can be done after the individual obtains their permit. We also have additional lessons available if necessary.

All adults are required by law to complete the MANDATORY 1 HOUR “Impact Texas Young Drivers” (ITYD) class.  This class can be found on our RESOURCES page.  STUDENTS MUST NOT TAKE THIS CLASS MORE THAN 90 DAYS BEFORE THEY OBTAIN THEIR DRIVER LICENSE.

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